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Angel Track

First Round Capital AngelTrack is a growing community that helps emerging angel investors improve their craft. The program provides a series of evening sessions where participants can learn from experienced angel and venture investors, exchange ideas and tactics with like-minded individuals, and practice investing. The curriculum helps members develop a personal investment strategy, craft decision-making frameworks, find opportunities in their network, build a personal brand as an angel investor, assess market size, and evaluate founder potential. The program has previously welcomed world-class investors and entrepreneurs from organizations such as Index Ventures, Union Square Ventures, Sequoia, and First Round. The ideal candidate for AngelTrack is someone who is looking to improve as an angel investor. Candidates should have experience, typically with having made between 5-15 investments, and be at an inflection point in their investing journey. They should be excited about supporting entrepreneurs with more than just investment capital. The program is not suitable for individuals looking to make their first or second angel investment. The program is focused on education and community-building and does not provide any investment capital to participants. While the core program is conducted remotely, in-person dinners and small group interactions are organized in San Francisco and New York for participants based there. AngelTrack was first launched in 2018 with 16 members. It has since grown to 10 cohorts with over 300 alumni. It leverages First Round’s 15 years of Day 0 investing experience to help participants learn about early investing processes, including how to pitch themselves as angels, how to evaluate opportunities, and how to become valued investors to founders. The community of AngelTrack comprises a diverse group of individuals, including current and former founders as well as operators at startups. They share varied interests from climate technology, Web3, and fintech. The program also offers an Angel Directory, an extensive resource to browse profiles of angel investors and founders. It is run by the new GM of AngelTrack, Mark Munro, who has a background in building relationships and uncovering insights. The remaining cohorts for the current year are full, but interested participants can express interest for next year’s group by filling out an application form.

Dorm Room Fund

Dorm Room Fund is where investors and entrepreneurs start their careers. We back student founders with a network of investors, mentors, and their first check. We’re proud to support the strongest community of student entrepreneurs across the nation.

Sequoia Scout Program

‍How does the Sequoia scout program work?In its first phase, Sequoia chose 20 technology founders a small fund allocation that they could invest as they see fit. The idea was for those scouts to invest in other founders in their network. The scouts were chosen directly by Sequoia. Since then the program has continued in different iterations. The Sequoia scout program is invite-only and doesn't have an open application process.How are Sequoia scouts compensated?The initial Sequoia scout program worked on a carry-share model. Each scout would get 45% of the carry whereas a 5% portion would go in a pool for the 19 other scouts to benefit from. Sequoia on the other hand would get the remaining 50% carry in each of the scout's investments.Is the Sequoia scout program available in Europe?Yes, it is available in Europe.How can one apply to be a Sequoia Scout?Unlike other scout programs the Sequoia scout program doesn't have an open application process and scouts are chosen based on an existing relationship with the firm.Who are notable Sequoia scouts?One notable Sequoia scout is Jason Calacanis who used part of his Sequoia scout allowance to make an early-stage investment in Uber. Another notable Sequoia scout who you may have heard of is Sam Altman who was at one point the president of Y Combinator and who invested a portion of his Sequoia fund in Stripe. There are many others who have joined the program since.Who manages the Sequoia scout program?A dedicated team at Sequoia (unaffiliated) manages the program.

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